Our Solution

FireWorks is a complete software solution for Fire Stations and EMS, it includes a built in workflow, enabling you to manage all the needs of your department. 

Our integrated Pre-Plan and Inspection system ties together both essential functions of a Fire Rescue Department:  Suppression + Prevention.

Crews can conduct pre-plan surveys while the Fire inspectors conduct their periodic inspections.  Critical data such as emergency contact information, knox box locations, FACP locations, etc as well as last known inspection violations are accessible from a mobile device.  Data that is updated during the Prevention activity of inspection and Suppression pre-plan activity is updated instantly and available to all users of the system

FireWorks the most innovative public safety solution available on the market today.  Developed using best-of-breed services including Microsoftdevelopment architecture, the latest cloud computing service from Amazon,mapping from Google, and the latest turn by turn navigation (because seconds count) from WAZE


Fire Inspections

Complete Fire Prevention System

Manage your inspections electronically from any mobile device

FireWorks inspection software empowers you to finally be rid of old-fashioned paper-based record keeping systems. Set up your periodic inspections once, to handle properties requiring inspections and let FireWorks take it from there. Violations noted by inspector automatically generate a reinspection based on your predefined timetable. Monitor your prevention division’s progress by viewing the analytics dashboard, for number of inspections scheduled, completed or still incomplete, by inspector or by occupancy, as well as many other custom reports.

Key Features:

  • Browser based – Works on iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop any smart device.
  • Made for field inspectors – custom designed check-list web interface built for the specific needs of field inspectors.
  • Property History – property’s inspection history embedded in check-list.
  • Full integration with Preplan – preplan information accessible from within the inspection function.
  • Maintain businesses within Complexes – create unique property records for Business Complexes or malls and associate relationships with individual businesses located within.
  • Upload pictures and other files to property inspection portfolio – attach pictures taken in the field, as well as relevant documents, drawings, or other files.
  • Billing module – generate an invoice, based on your departments rules; from the first periodic or annual inspection to the reinspection(s).
  • Emailed inspection reports – send report directly to the business owner, with photos of violations, immediately upon completing the inspection.
  • Signature capture in the field – digitally capture acknowledgement of violations on mobile device.



Develop the right tactical strategies before arriving on scene. 

FireWorks Pre-Plan and Inspection system ties together the key functions of a Fire Department: Suppression & Prevention. Now your crews completing NFPA 1620 pre-plan surveys can compliment the activities of the fire inspectors during periodic inspections of commercial and multi-family properties.  Both activities access one central database enabling the sharing of critical data such as emergency contact information, Knox™ box locations, FACP locations, hazardous materials,  etc., as well as last known inspection violations at the property. Using any mobile device, your crews will have the latest data about the property available in real time whether responding to a call or conducting a routine inspection.

Key Features:

  • Cutting edge graphical technology – visualizing markers, rulers and layers of peripheral hazards.
  • Interface with CAD – address automatically populated in preplan module; tactical data is viewed within seconds of receiving the call.
  • Integration with Google Map – Dynamic bird’s-Eye and street views, as well as layers of information and symbols, such as light weight truss/roof/floor.
  • Embedded navigation interface – Enables mapping the fastest route to the scene.
  • Map Markers - Including DOT placards and NFPA 170 markers.
  • Tactical summary showing critical information, including gate codes.
  • Hydrants - Primary and secondary hydrant assignments and distance.
  • Digital measurements – measure distance to hydrants, alleys, and other distances.
  • NFF – Automatic calculation of NFPA needed fire flow, based on building area.
  • Automatic date stamp – stamped upon data update, to satisfy credit for ISO eligibility.
  • USNG – US National Grid overlay.
  • Data export - PDF version for emailing to surrounding agencies.
  • Attachments - attach pictures, plans, drawings, PDF, VISIO files.
  • Automatic assignment – auto generated tasks, for next annual cycle to meet ISO requirements.


Hydrants Flow-test and Inspection

Includes automatic tools for calculating flow-tests' requirements.

Visually see hydrants and GPM data with ability to mark out of service in the field.

Ability to add hydrants from within the map, update map locations and manage flow tests.

Actually see the hydrant out of service without physically being at the location:

Incident & EMS Reporting

Incident and EMS (ALS and BLS) record management and reporting system. Easy to use and intuitive RMS  for all incident types. CAD and roster interface makes completing reports quick and effective.

Mobile Pre-Plan integration allows first responders at an incident to “see” a bird's eye view of the location, pre-plan data and markers, hydrant locations with GPM data, and turn by turn instructions to the location with Waze. Incidents are auto populated from the CAD interface.

  • NFIRS 5.0 Compatible!
  • NEMSIS 3.4 Compliant!
  • Tactical summary based on pre-plan
  • Map markers and DOT placards on map view
  • USNG coordinates built into map view
  • Printable reports
  • CAD alerts straight to your cellphone!



Incident Investigation

FireWorks provides a NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) based investigation management tool.

  • Made for Fire Investigators  - The Web solution was custom designed for the specific needs of Fire Investigators.
  • Picture Upload – Pictures taken in the field, as well as relevant documents, upload directly to the System.
  • Full integration – NFPA guidelines integrated in to the Web system.
  • Responsive Web & mobile design
  • Friendly UI (User Interface)

Inventory & Maintenance


FireWorks provides a comprehensive Inventory & Maintenance management tool.

  • Inventory checks and periodic maintenance checks built for complex needs of emergency vehicles and department warehouses.
  • Define vehicle inventory requirements and checks according to locations within the vehicle.
  • Warehouse management including receiving of inventory from suppliers and transferal of inventory between multiple warehouses and vehicles.
  • Bar-code reader integration for easy inventory management.
  • Multiple embedded reports of inventory quantities.
  • Module for inventory requests/approval
  • Pre-defined maintenance checklist for items
  • Maintenance service alerts to mailing list
  • Friendly UI (User Interface)

Property Management

Complete integration between all relevant modules including: Pre-Plans, Inspections and Incidents.

  • Keep records off bills, false fire alarms, inspections and incidents that occurred at the property.
  • Map view of all properties and shortcuts to property inspection or pre-plan.
  • Create new properties in the field
  • Manage building complexes
  • Manage property contacts and information

FireWorks real-time BI and Report Generator

We developed our Real-Time Business Intelligence and reporting tool to analyze and control all the fire incident information and most importantly extract value from the data generated by our system.

The Fire Administration can use our BI solution to make better, more well-informed decisions, locating key performance indicators, analyzing and recognizing trends and data anomalies and present all the information in an easy to show graphic chart break down which they can see and have insight on.

The BI system enables the Fire Administration to view system data in a visual format and export reports to Excel and image files.

  • Incident trends
  • Incident response times
  • Inspection reports
  • Visual incident map
  • Hydrant test reports
  • Pre-plan reports
  • Report generator

Incident Map and Dashboard:

Report generator:


We integrated an activity and roster module into FireWorks to help plan future department activities and tasks.  The roster allows the department schedule which staff are on call during the different shifts.  Our scheduling module integrates with our Incident module, so that NFIRS reports can be filled out automatically according to the department's schedule. Daily log allows for quick way to archive departments activities and training.


  • Roster
  • Daily Log
  • Activity List
  • Whiteboard
  • Incident Reporting Integration

Billing Management System

Bill types can be defined which will create bills and letter templates automatically for:

  • False Fire Alarms
  • Inspections
  • Reinspections



Our Technology

  • Microsoft development environment
  • SQL Server database
  • Cloud computing infrastructure
  • Integration with other Supplemental and complementary systems, scheduling, CAD, etc
  • Flexible development environment to meet the unique needs of each customer

Our People

  • Our specially trained professional employees offer a supportive approach and are highly dedicated to satisfying clients' needs.
  • Personal relationships with customers as part of the group's corporate ethos, which places clients at the forefront of any professional activity.