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FireWorks Interface

FireWorks has an intuitive, text-based interface that doesn’t make you learn strange navigation icons—we make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

 Note: Each customer’s interface and modules are customized to their agency’s needs, so what you see in the videos may not be representative of the modules you could choose for your agency.

Dashboards Module

The FireWorks Dashboards module gives you a fast way to see what’s going on in your system. Users can:
  • Choose to display widgets of any other data in the platform such as hydrants, pre-plans, etc.
  • Quickly see what’s due today, this week or whatever time frame you want
  • Dashboard configurations of widgets are custom to each user
  • Users can reorder, move, change, or modify widgets at any time

Hydrants Module

The FireWorks Hydrants module provides an information-packed display of the status of hydrants including:
  • Color-coded hydrants based on NFPA 291 to quickly identify status
  • Two sub-menus including hydrant tests and hydrant lists
  • Hydrant maintenance cycles automatically updates on an annual basis
  • Built-in flow testing tools for calculating fire flows
  • Visual mapping to see all of your system’s hydrants including flow rates and service status
  • Add hydrants from any mobile device and make hydrant information immediately available to incoming responders
  • All hydrant information immediately available in pre-plans

Properties Module

The FireWorks Properties module includes several critical sub-modules: Inspections and Pre-Plans and Property List, which is just a list of all of your properties. Violations noted by an inspector automatically generate a re-inspection based on your predefined timetable.
Monitor your prevention division’s progress by viewing the analytics dashboard for the number of inspections schedule, complete or incomplete inspections, by the inspector, by occupancy and many other custom reports.
  • Offline mode available—internet connection not necessary to complete an inspection
  • Customizable views based on the occupancy or violation type
  • Manages inspection schedule with automatic rollovers
  • Integrated with pre-plans for easy access without jumping around the interface
  • Upload photos, drawings, or other files into the inspection portfolio
  • In-the-field signature capture on any device
  • Email inspection reports when completed
  • Billing capability that allows you to generate an invoice for first, periodic, annual or re-inspections
  • Create unique property profiles for retail centers or multi-property complexes
  • Fully customizable tabs to fit your department’s specific needs
  • Pushes pre-plan data to responders via text message while also available enroute when dispatched
  • Uses Occupancy Vulnerability Assessment Profile (OVAP) scoring tools
  • Visual approach with accurate symbols on map overlays
  • Pre-plan schedule with automatic rollovers so no need to manually enter next year’s pre-plan updates

Incidents Module

The FireWorks Incidents module includes investigations and occupancy details about properties and their complete data profiles. All of your information is at your fingertips when responding to a call. Incidents uses standard NFIRS Version 5.0 coding and an NFPA® 921 compliance investigations module so you can easily enter and report on data you’re already familiar with.
Incidents also has inventory, item checks and maintenance menus incorporated into the module allowing you to track apparatus, maintenance schedules and run cost reports on repairs. Everything is customizable to your agency.
FireWorks Incidents includes Investigations and Occupancy sub-menus. Everything from the occupancy information to the incident report is at the investigator’s fingertips. You can also upload attachments such as pictures taken in the field and relevant documents, drawings, or other files.
  • Cover both NFIRS 5.0 and medical reporting (ALS and BLS). NEMSIS 3.4.0 ePCR for state reporting, customizable BLS reporting for non-NEMSIS reporting.
  • Incident reports incorporated right into response mode
  • User-specific items, “My Items” to do each firefighter’s individual gear checks
  • Tactical summary based on pre-plans
  • Map makers and DOT placards on map views and includes USNG Coordinates
  • Printable reports
  • CAD alerts straight to your cellphone

Inventory Module

The FireWorks Inventory module helps you manage your daily inspections and inventory checks. You can set a schedule to prompt your crews a to-do list and help crews manage their inspections on schedule.
  • Inventory checks and periodic maintenance checks built for complex needs of emergency vehicles and department warehouses
  • Define vehicle inventory requirements and checks according to locations within the vehicle
  • Warehouse management including receiving of inventory from suppliers and transferal of inventory between multiple warehouses and vehicles
  • Barcode reader capability for fast asset management
  • Multiple embedded reports of inventory quantities and costs
  • Inventory requests/approval
  • Pre-defined maintenance items checklist
  • Maintenance service alerts to the mailing list

Reporting Module (Business Intelligence)

The FireWorks Reporting module, also referred to as Business Intelligence (BI), is used to analyze NFIRS data, generate NFPA® 1710 ISO audit reports and Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) reports straight from our NFIRS data analysis system.
Incident maps in real-time, reports and query sections with pre-designed templates as well as customizable reports you can design yourself so you can build the data how you want to see it.
  • Customizable dashboard (also per user) for quick reference on how your agency is performing
  • Embedded incident reports, NFPA 1710 ISO audit reports and CFAI accreditation reports
  • Heat and response time maps with preconfigured maps or customize your own
  • Chart drill-down from graph display to the actual incident report
  • Advance filtering and search capabilities
  • Compare your fire incident information to other relevant fire departments
  • Export reports straight to other formats (PDF, Excel, JPEG)

Map View Module

The FireWorks Map View module provides a visual overview of your system, properties, and hazards. It gives you the ability to filter criteria for a visual representation of your department’s district. Any way you want to see your data to make important decisions, you can configure and filter a map view that works for you.

LMS Training Module

The FireWorks LMS Training module is a full blow LMS (also referred as LMSWorks, EPR’s Learning Management System) designed to accommodate and track all activities and assignments that firefighters do every day—checking trucks, cleaning the building—everything that needs to be documented from a justification standpoint.
  • Add pre-built predefined ALS, BLS, fire and HR content from Jones & Bartlett Learning (extra costs apply to J&B content)
  • Preconfigured with certifications for ISO training requirements including carryover of training hours of training
  • Build and customize your own tests and content specific to your agency
  • Create dynamic fields and customization
  • Capture digital signatures for Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs)
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc training classes can be documented and send email reminders to the team
  • Option to create and archive additional department content
  • Run customized reports on all training data