Real-Time Business Intelligence and reporting tool

We developed our Real-Time Business Intelligence and reporting tool to analyze and control all the fire incident information and most importantly extract value from the  data generated by our system.

The Information can be used for real-time decision making or to track and analyze historical data or ongoing developments.

The Fire Administration can use our BI solution to make better, more well-informed decisions, locating key performance indicators, analyzing and recognizing trends and data anomalies and present all the information in an easy to show graphic chart break down which they can see and have insight on.

The reporting processes is simplified, and drastically cuts the administrative time needed for analyzing data.

Our solution is looking to make the fire officers more data focused, analyzing information quickly and easily within and across, checking information needs of escalating strategic issues, from Damage by incident to false alarm data, through to public engagement and helping them turn data into insights.

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