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FireWorks Business Intelligence “BI” and analytics tool is used to analyze NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) data.

The tool is also used to generate NFPA 1710 ISO audit reports and CFAI Accreditation reports straight from our NFIRS Data Analysis system.

Our “BI” analytics tool extracts added value from the large amounts of data collected by the NFIRS requirements and presents the information in user friendly colorful charts and graphs suitable for live presentations at community board meetings.

Using our BI tool, comparisons can be made between your fire incident information and other relevant Fire departments.

You can make well-informed decisions; identify key performance metrics, to help manage manpower and resources more efficiently.

Turning all the big data you collect on incidents into value-added insights to fight fires with facts.

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Data Focused Fire Department

The “BI" tool helps the fire department become more data focused, analyzing information quickly and easily, monitoring escalating strategic issues ranging from damage by incident to false alarm tracking, and turning this BIG data into added value insights.

The data can be used by the fire departments to:

  • Support legislation or grant applications
  • Create a baseline and Set priorities for the departments overall performance
  • Present interactive incident data at community education programs
  • Issue recommendations for national codes and standards

How our BI Module works

Interactive web dashboard

Our Business Intelligence and reporting tool consists of an interactive web dashboard which is used to create reports, data visualizations and charts that can be exported to multiple formats.

Incidents data can be viewed from nearly any web based platfrom

The users can view incident data in a Chart drill down from graph display to the actual incident report

Incident data is updated regularly

The system is updated constantly with dynamic data that is fed into tables. Frequency of updates varies based on the type of data.

The information is used to make better, well-informed decisions

The information is used to make better, well-informed decisions, locating key performance indicators, analyzing and recognizing trends and data anomalies and presenting all the information in an easy to show insightful graphic chart break down.


  • Embedded incident reports
  • Embedded NFPA 1710 ISO audit reports
  • Embedded CFAI Accreditation reports
  • Heat and Response Time Maps
  • Multiple chart display options
  • Chart drill down from graph display to the actual incident report
  • Advance Filtering and Search capabilities
  • Friendly UI (User Interface)
  • Responsive Web & mobile design – Adaptable for all mobile devices ( iOS and Android).
  • Export reports straight to other formats (PDF, Excel, JPEG)

  • cause of ignition
  • ISO report
  • BI calls by region
  • BI calls by region_2


  • BI incident times by 90 percent
  • BI_incident by type
  • cause of ignition
  • Compare departments statistical data to justify your budget needs
  • Track and analyze trends or ongoing developments
  • Review response times by Station or by Shift
  • Minimum manning based on historical trends
  • Monitor your performance against other stations
  • Present your analytical data from any mobile device

ISO reports

Generate NFPA 1710 ISO audit reports straight from our NFIRS Data Analysis system.

ISO report samples:

  • ISO report structure fire full assignment
  • ISO report Structure fire run response
  • ISO report structure fire


  • ISO required Electronic data submission
  • Simplified reporting process saving time and resources costs.
  • Improving the Fire Departments ISO audit process.
ISO report

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