Budget Portal & Transparency

Budget Portal & Transparency


Our Solution

EPR Group's Budget Portal was designed to showcase a City or County’s annual budget.

The Budget Portal provides a unique view of municipal financial data in a visual way with exports of the data available for those more curious citizens looking to do their own in-depth analysis!

The system is updated by your staff using any ERP financial system by a simple exporting of tables for revenues and expenditures, even salary data…on your timetable and on your terms.

The essence of being “transparent” with your municipal budget can be a snap using EPR’s Budget Portal.

Engage your citizens -  provide a simple transparency solution from EPR for all those curious seekers of public data!  

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To see the tool in action - click here, here or  here

How does the tool work?

Budget data can be viewed from nearly any web based platfrom

The users can view the original financial data in a chart drill down from graph display.

Dynamic budget data

The system is updated constantly with dynamic data that has been uploaded to the system.

The information is used to make better, well-informed decisions

The information is used to make better, well-informed decisions, locating key performance indicators, analyzing and recognizing trends and data anomalies and presenting all the information in an easy to show insightful graphic chart break down.


  • Multiple chart display options
  • Chart drill down from graph display down to the checks used/recieved
  • Advance Filtering and Search capabilities
  • Friendly UI (User Interface)
  • Responsive Web & mobile design – Adaptable for all mobile devices ( iOS and Android).
  • Export reports straight to other formats (PDF, Excel, JPEG)

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  • Compare financial departments data
  • Track and analyze trends or ongoing developments
  • Monitor your performance against other departments
  • Present your analytical data from any mobile device

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Budget Portal & Transparency